Plastics: 5 way plastics are killing Your loved ones

Within Asia-Pacific, India is expected to see the largest plastic polyethylene (PE) demand growth from 3.6 million tons (mt) to 8.2 mt in the next 10 years.

India’s growing demand for plastics is rising, after all the efforts to ban carry bags and plastic containers has ended in vein. The undeniable fact is that we are so ruthless on handling plastic bags. We don’t care where it ends up.We are inconsiderate. We pretend we are safe and clean.

The time we invest to make sure our children will live after their 30’s is far lower than the time we spend to make our kids get good grades.Eating in plastic & (disposable) lunch boxes is a sign of prestige for many people.

Toxic chemicals leach out of such plastic and are found in the blood and tissue of nearly all of us. Exposure to them is linked to cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments. Some other means of plastic contamination that affects our children are.


Trash in lake; Photo via simplicity Coimbatore

Previous studies have found that a large portion of the micro-plastic particles found in our oceans, lakes and rivers which are also found in the abdomen part of the fish species found there can be traced back to the laundry done near their banks.

We show interest in drinking cancer packed water in PET bottles. We don’t mind loosing our water bodies. Coimbatore had 32 Lakes 10 years ago, Now we have barely 8 to 10. Water bodies have become an medium to dump the trash and dispose waste waters.


Two cows having their meal to produce milk.

As a result of improper trash tubs and waste collection systems, it has become difficult to collect wastes without littered in streets and eaten by birds and animals. Especially cows. One third of milk you consume is collected from cows that consume plastic. THIS is what your children consume before bed.



Similar to cow, cattle community including sheep, goat and chicken are no exception to consumption of plastics ranging from micro to pellet sized plastics.

A goat having some tasty plastic bag

Remember this, the next time when you consume biryani with your family. Tasty trash?


The fish consumption is rising day by day, some brands are positioning fish meat as an healthy alternative to farm chicken. If this is true then why do we still see trash floating in our neighborhood lakes or water bodies???

Fish that consumed plastics.

The drainage system is directly linked with the ocean which paves the way to contaminate the water bodies with plastic.

Burring plastics:

Usual means of disposing plastics is by burning it, which emits harmful oxides and pollutants, dissolves in air that we breath. Dioxins settle on the crops and in our water bodies where they eventually enter into our food and hence the body system.

From Coimbatore

Plastic bags are the major cause for drainage blockage around the world. Especially in India, the sewer systems are not well designed to use equipment to clear blockages. All we have are manholes. Backward people risk their lives to cleaning these blockage. The next time when you hear some cleaner’s death in sewers please don’t feel bad, feel guilty. He risked his life to clear the mess you have made.

The next time when you ask for a plastic bag. Be mindful of the harm it makes to your family and environment.



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